Foreign Language Program

Trang chủ Foreign Language Program

Primary School and Pre-School

Trinity students are introduced to foreign language at an early age. From age 3, students are given biweekly instruction in foreign language. PK-3 to 2nd grade students study Spanish, and 3rd and 4th grade students learn French. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods, including songs, games, and role plays to instill a love of learning languages. The curriculum is also enhanced by exposure to different cultures.

Middle School

All incoming 5th grade students take a Language Links class. This course serves as an introduction and foundation for foreign language study. Students will be able to see the linguistic connections between the different Romance languages. Grammatical structures, vocabulary in context, borrowed and root words, as well as Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes will be explored. At the conclusion of this course, students will choose to pursue further study in either French or Spanish for the remaining three years of Middle School.

The French and Spanish programs follow the Maryland State World Languages Level 1 curriculum. Students focus on the language acquisition skills, which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They are introduced to grammar through thematic units and vocabulary in context.

In the foreign language department, we are proud to give our students a global perspective. Together we celebrate cultural diversity. Students learn about the history and culture of the Hispanic and Francophone worlds, including holidays like el Dia de Los Muertos, Navidad and Nöel, Mardi Gras, Pâques and Pascua de la Resurrección and Cinco de Mayo.

Latin is offered as an elective to eighth grade students only. The goal is to develop a reading mastery of Latin by studying grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. Students meet three times a week to explore the Latin language. The will learn to recognize the influence of Roman history and civilization on the English language and Western culture.

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Trinity School's dedicated staff of Science teachers includes Beverly Jaworski and Aileen Stauffer. Our staff has experience with ecology research and laboratory microbiology with concentration in cell biology, as well as many years teaching. We are fortunate to have such resources for our students.